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Sleep Can Help Improve Your Workout

As for the adage that exercising too close to bedtime makes it harder to get to sleep, there's no physiological basis for the claim. Some people doze off easily after an evening workout, while some need time to come down off their exercise high before settling workout down to sleep. The reaction to exercise before bed depends on the individual, so experiment to see whether exercise promotes or detracts from a good night's rest. If you struggle getting in your full quota of sleep a night, napping can help. A 30-minute siesta in the early afternoon improved sprint time and alertness in 10 healthy men. The length and timing of the perfect nap is still unknown, though it's been suggested that limiting naps to 30 minutes and positioning them in the early afternoon will reduce the grogginess.
Full story: http://www.vancouversun.com/entertainment/Sleep+help+improve+your+workout/9235213/story.html

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