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The High Cost Of American Health Care: You Asked For It

Its the financial model. U.S. Health Care Rewards Quantity Over Quality Imagine youre planning to remodel your kitchen. You hire a contractor and opt to defer entirely to his judgment on the kitchens aesthetics and the source of his materials. Instead of requesting a competitive bid or choosing exactly what you want, you agree to a time and materials contract . By the end of the remodel, the contractor has billed more hours than you expected, marked up the cost of the materials and charged you twice http://anishachipreanblog24.sweetcircles.com/2013/11/ for his http://mdalimonyguidelines.org/2013/10/page/3/ construction errors. http://www.thisglobalvillage.com/2013/10/page/13/
Read more: http://www.forbes.com/sites/robertpearl/2014/01/09/high-cost-of-american-health-care/

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