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Barbie Poses For Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. We Give Up.

She takes instruction almost silently." Christopher Hercik, Sports Illustrated's creative director, adds, "She's in some ways the perfect model. She doesn't blink, she doesn't smile, she takes direction." So to sum up, the perfect female model is someone who looks sexy, keeps her mouth shut, and is made of plastic. (While Sports Illustrated is clearly on board and promoting the collaboration, according to the New York Times , Mattel paid the magazine for featuring Barbie. The corporate arm of the magazine has been tight-lipped, saying only that it is a web link "very exciting collaboration, one icon to another.") The blog Mommyish points out that part of what feels so unholy about this particular "iconic" alliance is that the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue isn't for little girls and Barbie isn't for adults. Mashing up the two makes the whole thing so queasiness inducing. "I'm almost expecting there to be a Victoria's Secret fashion show appearance by Barbie next," writes blogger Eve Vawter. "Or perhaps she can be featured in the next 'Pirelli calendar.' These are other things that are considered 'sexy.' Why stop with the Swimsuit Issue?" Target has signed on to sell a limited edition of the SI-branded bathing-suit-clad doll, so there's another question: "In what sectionthe kids'?" As creepy as it is, Barbie's swimsuit-modeling stint happens to be an unintentional nod back to her origins. M.G.
More learn more http://shine.yahoo.com/fashion/barbie-poses-sports-illustrated-swimsuit-issue-wrong-192900710.html

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