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Martin Takes Third In Npc Atlantic Usa Bodybuilding Championships

Placing third in this category, Martin is qualified until March 2015 to compete in national competitions. This makes the second year she is eligible to compete nationally. She received a beautiful crystal trophy and is now training for her next competition. According to Martin," All it takes is eating healthy foods in the right portions, drinking lots of water and doing the appropriate exercises for the goals you want to achieve. No exotic diet plan needed. And most importantly, a healthy dose of determination to succeed!" Martin is in her third year at East Georgia State College, majoring in biology. She is the proud max workouts mother of Jayde Martin, third grader at Swainsboro Elementary School, and is engaged max workouts to Dr. Daniel Massa.
Read more: http://www.forest-blade.com/sports/article_72dcb934-b456-11e3-b532-0019bb2963f4.html

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